OS ROSA Cobalt

The operating system of dew “COBALT” exists in server and desktop versions.

It is intended for processing of confidential information and personal data.

Dear colleagues! We have an important message about our certified FSTEC products:

1. Release of products OS ROSA COBALT DX 1.0 and OS ROSA COBALT SX 1.0, 07 July, 2017 will be terminated in connection with the termination of period of validity of certificates of conformity FSTEK №3194 dated 07.07.2014 and No. 3193 dated 07.07.2014 g. the procedure of inspection control of these products is not planned.

Currently, the new products OS ROSA COBALT pass certification tests for the new requirements FSTEK operating systems. Please note that from 01.06.2017, the certification of state information systems should provide for the use of SPI certified for compliance with the mandatory requirements for information security established by the FSTEC of Russia.

The end of the certification tests and the receipt of a new FSTEC certificate for new products are scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2017.

The new OS version of ROSA COBALT (user and server editions) has the following advantages:

– the latest version of the Linux kernel and system environment, support for modern computing and peripheral equipment. Latest versions of application and system SOFTWARE included in the distribution;

– the presence of FSTEC certificate of compliance with the requirements of the protection profile of it.OS.A4.

All Rosa cobalt DX/SX 1.0 operating system licensees who purchased licenses between 07.07.2016 and 07.07.2017 will be offered a free upgrade to the new version of the operating system.

2. For certification tests, a set of software tools for the ROSA VIRTUALIZATION environment management system was transferred. The complex is certified for compliance with the requirements of TU and NDV 4, taking into account the requirements of ZSV 17 of the order of FSTEC. The certificate is also expected to be received in the 4th quarter of 2017.

3. For the period from 07.07.2017 until the FSTEC certificates are issued, you have a unique opportunity to purchase licenses for ROSA COBALT (user and server editions) and ROSA VIRTUALIZATION on preferential terms with a 30% discount from the current price list. At the same time, media kits, including a form with a compliance mark, SOFTWARE and documentation disks and a copy of the certificate of conformity, will be provided immediately after receiving the certificate for FREE!

Details can be clarified by contacting sales@ntcit-rosa.ru There you can get an official letter from LLC “NTC it ROSA” on the above and a new price list.